Becoming a Puca Trade Pro

Not too long ago I picked up a new hobby: trading cards on Puca Trade for value and getting great cards back in return. Puca trade is a website that allows players from all around the world to trade cards no matter what you have. It’s a great way to get the cards you need for a deck as well as to get rid of any extra cards you might have. Below you can find links to my articles detailing my experiences as well as advice on how you can become a Puca Trade pro!


  1. The Joy of Selling and Trading Cards Overseas – This covers all of the basics of Puca trade as well as talking about what it is and how to use it effectively.
  2. Getting my Feet Wet – I talk about my first week of trades and how I worked my problems out. I also compare what it’s like to use Puca Trade and to sell cards on the internet through websites like Ebay.
  3. Underpants Gnomes – The 3rd article goes over ways to make a profit by shipping smartly and shopping for the lowest price in town on high margin cards.
  4. Diving into Madness – In my 4th installment, I discuss the price disparity between cards in Japan and cards overseas. I also focus on profit margin.
  5. Wheeling, Dealing, and Stealing – At the end of my first month in week 4, I discuss how to work out deals between members, as well as how to deal with people who send fake cards.
  6. The Man with the PlanIn week 5, I talk about how you can effectively use all the Puca points you’ve been accumulating. It’s always good to have a goal/plan to maximize your profits. 
  7. Cashing Out – Week 6 marks the end of my regular help articles as I discuss how to use all the value you’ve accumulated to make money with Puca Trade. This can be in cash, or in store credit so you can get a more expensive card that might have been out of your reach before.
  8. Patience – The 8th article covers weeks 7-8 and talks about how you can improve your odds of getting a high value card sent.
  9. Riding the WaveDuring week 9 and 10, I talk about the benefits of using Puca trade to unload cards during spikes and how to follow cards when they drop in value in standard to get them at their cheapest before they go up again.
  10. TrustIn week 11 and 12, I talk about how important trust is when trading cards on Puca Trade and how we need it in order for the system to work smoothly.
  11. A Whole new WorldPuca Trade set out to change how Magic players trade cards, and it’s gone much further than that. In this article I scratch the surface of how Puca Trade is changing how we PLAY MTG.
  12. Winding Down – I briefly talk about what to do when you run low on cards to send out and how to manage your puca points long term.
  13. Nickel and Diming – In this article, I give tips on how to improve your visibility and to make yourself seem more inviting to traders.
  14. Tis the Season – This article is about how to effectively use Throw ins with your Puca Trades to improve your experience.
  15. Duplicity In this article I go over how to better advertise that you need a card so that people will trade with you more quickly.
  16. Waste Not, Want Not This article is all about how to manage your Puca points efficiently so that you don’t waste them.
  17. Going Infinite – How can you keep the points coming in with minimum effort? This article talks about when to sell and how to use cards to keep value coming and going steadily.
  18. Hi Ho Silver, Away! – What’s it like to have a silver account? What are the benefits? Is it worth it? This article focuses on the good and bad of upgrading and offering bonuses.
  19. The Velocity of Money In this article I give my opinion on the new layout of the Puca Trade website, as well as address some problems I’ve seen with the system and how Puca Trade can address them.
  20. A World Without Puca Trade – This article covers what I think would happen if people suddenly stopped using Puca Trade and how it would affect the MTG community.
  21. Getting a PromotionWith the addition of promoted trades, the Puca Trade economy finally starts to become more market based. I talk about how I think this will affect the website, and what this means to traders.