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Grand Prix Yokohama: Limited choices (part 1)

This weekend is Grand Prix Yokohama, which is in Yokohama of course. Yokohama is about a 30-45 minute train ride from Tokyo, and is the second largest city in Japan. It has a… Continue reading

What to Expect: The Impact of Gatecrash on the Metagame – White, Blue, and Black

The 2nd installment of “What to Expect” will be covering the White, Blue, and Black cards of Gatecrash. Today’s article will probably be centered largely around how control decks. We’ll dip our toes… Continue reading

Gatecrash tips: Playing to your Weaknesses – White

I’m going to have to stay on top of things if I am going to complete all of these articles by Saturday. I can’t believe that the pre-release is only 2 days away… Continue reading