Magic the Gathering Stores in Japan

This will be a page devoted to the nerdy but popular card game by Wizards of the Coast. It will focus on shop locations in major cities, experiences, prices (both for buying and selling), and events to name a few things. If you have ideas or questions about anything, or want me to cover something in a future blog post, please leave me a message here!

I am also looking for contributors to this website. If you live close to a few hobby shops or card stores and want to share them with others who might be living nearby, please get in touch with me here and I will be more than happy to feature your articles on this website. Take some pictures, write down information about the store and directions on how to get there, and also write down your impressions and opinions about the place. It would be great to have a network of MTG gamers around Japan.

NOTE: Closed stores can still be viewed, but have a line through the link to denote the change.

Aichi Prefecture



Nagoya has standard Magic tournaments almost every day.

— MONDAY: Card Brunch Kanayama, 6:30
— TUESDAY: Hobby Station Sasahima, 6:45 pm, Yellow Submarine Osu 6:30
— WEDNESDAY: Hobby Station Mei Eki, 6pm
— THURSDAY: TCG 193 Mei Eki, 6:45 pm
— FRIDAY: 6pm, FNM, Various locations, 8 pm & 11 pm Prinny Club Kanayama, 6pm Draft at Big Magic
— SATURDAY: Hobby Station Mei Eki, 2pm, C-Labo 1pm (sometimes)
— SUNDAY: Big Magic, 11 am. Usually a booster draft after standard tournament (3:30 or later depending on number of participants at the standard event), Hobby Station Osu 1pm

There are also Frontier, Legacy, and Modern events held around town during the week.

— Thursday: Advantage Kamimaezu, 7pm (Legacy), Card Brunch Kanayama 6pm (Modern)
— Friday: Hobby Station Mei Eki (modern) 6pm, Amenity Dream Osu 6pm,  Advantage Kamimaezu (modern and legacy) 7pm, Prinny Club Kanayama 8pm

— Saturday: TCG 193, 7pm (Legacy), Hobby Station Osu 1pm (Legacy sometimes if there are enough people), Hobby Station Osu 5pm (Frontier)
— Sunday: Hobby Station Osu, 5pm (Modern, 16 people, 300 yen), Big Magic 4pm (Frontier)

There are also modern, legacy, EDH, and vintage events about one time a month at Big Magic and Amenity Dream as well. Check the “Magic the Gathering” tab on the top of my website to get more information about the locations of these stores.


Outside of Nagoya

Shizuoka Prefecture





Nagano Prefecture

Fukuoka Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture

Some of these posts are a little old, so if you need some clarification or have questions about the stores, please let me know.

I’d also like to post a link to a useful article I did for those people who are new to competitive Magic. It’s up to date with the Return to Ravnica Block, and will be updated in the future depending on if the metagame changes.