Magic Game Day Return to Ravnica and MTG Event update

I have a few quick updates today. The first is about Magic Gameday next weekend. Most places will be hosting one next week, and the format is standard. I’m pretty psyched about the card that everybody will be receiving for participating; Dryad Militant. The art looks fantastic. (you can see it here I don’t care about the rare so much, but getting a playmat would also be nice.

Game Day Dryad

Here’s what the schedule looks like for next Saturday:

  • Hobby Station Osu – 1pm, 1000 yen, 48 players can participate
  • Hobby Station Mei Eki – 1pm, 500 yen, 36 players max

You have a few more options for Sunday.

  • Card Brunch Kanayama – 12pm, 300 yen, max 24 people
  • Big Magic (Yabacho) – 11 am, 500 yen, 36 people max
  • Amenity Dream (Osu) -12 pm, 1000 yen, 36 people max
  • Hobby Station Mei Eki – 1pm, 500 yen, 36 people max

I’m sure there are other Magic Game Days going on around Nagoya and in your area, so be sure to check Wizards of the Coast’s store locator to find one near you.

PTQ and GP Trial Info

More details are coming in for the Grand Prix Nagoya Trials and the Pro Tour Gatecrash Qualifier next month. Please look below for the new information.

  • PTQ Gatcrash, 11/3- The date is November 3rd, and the start time is 9:30 am. The location is Higashibetsuin Kaikan, which is a block away from Higashi Betsuin Station on the Nagoya Meijo line (check MTG Locator for details). It is a sealed event, and the cost is 4000 yen (which includes the cost of 6 packs). The cards will be in Japanese, so please be sure to study the cards before you come and play or bring some smart phone apps to translate. You can now reserve a spot at Big Magic by telling one of the staff. If you can’t make it to Nagoya, it might be possible to sign up over the phone or by email, so please call the store and find out what you should do. I believe there will be only about 120 spots, but today’s staff said 160 people could participate. I was also warned that sometimes these events go into the next day, so be warned if you’re in the top 8 and can’t participate in the GP Trial the next day
  • GP Nagoya Trial, 11/4 – The trial will be held in the same place as the PTQ event, in Higashi Betsuin Kaikan. The start time is also the same, 9:30 am, and will most likely go until about 7pm. This event is a Standard event, so be sure to bring your deck for this one. The cost should be 1500 yen, and 110 people are the max for the event I believe. You can also reserve a spot for this event at Big Magic now. Just as above, tell the staff you want to reserve a spot for the Nagoya GP Trial, and then sign up for it at their store.

If you aren’t living in the Nagoya area, check WoTC’s event locator for other GP trials in your area. I have seen some in Hamamatsu, Okazaki, and other smaller towns, so there might be one close to you as well! If you need directions to these stores, please check out the links for them in my Magic Store link – If you still have questions, please leave me a comment!

I’ll be posting another article about last week’s metagame Sunday, so be sure to join me again tomorrow as I go over how the metagame has changed in a week. Thanks for reading.