A Short Hiatus

Hello dear readers and sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. As you might know (from my constant complaining in other articles), I’ve been absolutely swamped with work (lots of 9-9 work days) and haven’t had the time to play Magic at all. If you are a content creator, then you understand that in order to make content you need to be in the thick of it all. Playing online, going to game stores and events . . .  if you’re not surrounded by sources of Magic the Gathering, it gets incredibly difficult to put together content.

This hiatus won’t be too long. I will be attending Grand Prix Kobe this upcoming weekend and will be working on an article or two while I’m there, and you can be sure a report will be forthcoming from the event as well. We also have Oath of the Gatewatch coming out in the near future, and I will certainly be on the top of my game once spoilers start showing up. I ask that you bear with me until then and follow my twitter account if you’re interested in seeing what the metagame is like in the Nagoya region, pictures from events, and other MTG related content. I plan to throw myself into limited and standard this winter before Grand Prix Nagoya in January, which means I’ll be playing A LOT of MTG.

I’d also like to take this chance to let my readers from Japan know that I’m always looking for contributors to the website from different sources around Japan. If you have a Local Game Store that I haven’t talked about before and want to do a store review of it, have an opinion or information about Magic in Japan in general, or anything else MTG related that is somehow linked to to Japan I’d be more than happy to host your articles. You can contact me on Twitter @yoschwenky and we can work out the details.


Until I’m able to update consistently in the future, please enjoy these links with useful information about MTG in Japan!