Off the Beaten Path: Magic Stores around Nagoya – Yagoto and Aratamabashi

I’ve been sitting on these store profiles for a while, and I’ve finally gotten around to posting about them. Today I’m going to talk about Hobby Station Yagoto and Phase Aratamabashi in the Nagoya area. Both stores are located on outskirts of town, and if you were thinking of going there, I wanted to let you know what you’ll find at each location.

Hobby Station Yagoto  (closed)

Hobby Station Yagoto

The design of this store was really quaint. From the outside, it looks like one of those arts and crafts places your mom or grandma would go to and pick up little porcelain angels or cats. I couldn’t believe it was a game store the first time I visited it either. The inside of the store was just as interesting as the outside.

Inside Hobby Station Yagoto

Hobby Station Yagoto was one of the biggest Hobby Stations I’ve been to yet. La Vamo Hobby Station near the 109 IMAX theaters in Nagoya is pretty big, but I think Yagoto is still bigger. There are two floors to this store, with the majority of cards being located on the first floor while there are tables on both floors for gaming. The last time I went was a few months ago, so I’m not sure of their Magic card collection, but it was slim pickings at that time. They were going through a remodel and clearing out cases to make moving them easier to move, so if you go in the near future, it might look totally different from this picture!

Magic at Hobby Station Yagoto

This could have possibly changed since the last time I went there, but it seems like Hobby Station Yagoto hosts a 300 yen casual Magic tournament ever Wednesday from 6pm, as well as Friday Night Magic every Friday. When I attended an event there, the turn out wasn’t bad. Yagoto is close to a few colleges in Nagoya, so you can be sure that there will be a few players there whenever you go on a tournament day.

Getting to Hobby Station Yagoto

If you’ve used the purple Meijo subway line in Nagoya before, then you might have seen the station name Yagoto before. Coming from Kanayama, the most direct route for me was to take the Meijo line counterclockwise to Yagoto station. You might also be able to take the red Sakuradori line (to Aratamabashi and transfer to the counterclockwise Meijo line) or the yellow Higashiyama line here as well  (go to Motoyama and transfer to the clockwise/Ozone Meijo line), and if you’re coming from Toyota, you can take the Tsurumai line directly to Yagoto station. It’s only a few stops from Akaike.

Once at Yagoto station, head for the #3 exit. When you arrive at street level, walk behind towards the Aeon department store, but don’t enter. To your left should be some stairs (and to your right is bike parking if you rode your bike), and after a short walk you should see Hobby Station near the top of the stairs on your left. If these directions are wrong, please let me know and I’ll change them.

Overall I think Hobby Station Yagoto is worth a visit, and if you have Wednesday off, it’s a good place to get your Magic fix and to play test with your decks.

Phase Aratamabashi

I was kind of let down by Phase Aratamabashi. Phase Chikusa (which can be found in my Magic the Gathering tab at the top of the page) was a decent card store with a good amount of Magic cards, both single and booster packs. Phase Aratamabashi on the other hand, had almost none of those.

Phase Aratamabashi

The store itself is kind of small, and they have a severely limited selection of Magic singles. What they DO have a lot of is Yugi Oh and other Japanese card games. If you’re a fan of Japanese, non-Magic games, I think you should check this out. Otherwise I don’t think it would be worth your time unless you wanted a playing space to play with some friends casually. When I visited this store, they had no Magic events going on whatsoever, not even Friday Night Magic.

Outside Phase Aratamabashi

Another thing that kind of irked me about this place was that you had to take off your shoes. Really? What am I, 5 years old? This was a hassle, and there were no places to put your shoes so if it was a busy day or if it was raining, this problem would be compounded even further.

Getting to Phase Aratamabashi

Front of Phase Aratamabashi

Aratamabashi is both on the Sakuradori subway line and the Meijo Subway line station. From Nagoya you can take the Sakuradori line there the fastest, and from Kanayama you can hop on the counterclockwise train and get off at Aratamabashi station. If you’re coming from Toyota, you could transfer at Yagoto from the Tsurumai line to the Meijo line going clockwise.

I was on a bike when I went there, so my directions might be slightly off, but I believe if you take exit 7 and walk accross the bridge, you should see it across the street from the Eiden and Piago stores. Look for the store front in the picture and you should be able to find it. There is also an Aeon mall in the area, so if you can find the Aeon mall, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

That’s it for today’s post, and I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to post more lately. Work has been busy, and I haven’t had time to play Magic at all lately. I will be sure to post the GP Trial results from the Nagoyako Kaikan tournament tomorrow, as well as other events that I attend in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading, and please leave comments if you have any.