Summer MTG Events in Nagoya

The Magic Market Open

Today’s post will be a  short one and will be mostly informational. There is a plethora of Magic the Gathering Events going on in Nagoya this summer, and all will be culminating in the Magic Market Open on September 15th.

Magic Market Open

Magic Market Open

The Magic Market Open is the first of its kind in Nagoya (or at least since I’ve lived here). Shops all around Nagoya are holding qualifier events for byes and 250 people will be vying for 300,000 yen (about $3000) in prizes. The cost will be 3000 yen, and the format will be standard to whomever is interested. The Sponsors are: Big Magic, Yellow Submarine, Mishimaya Toy and Hobby, Hobby Station, Dvantage, Card Shop Hareruya, and a few other chains from outside of the Nagoya area. Below is a list of shops holding qualifiers over the next few months, the format it will be, cost, and what time they will be holding it. I’d also like to note that each tournament is only a x1 multiplier for Planeswalker Points. This event will be held in Higashi Betsuin Kaikan on 9/15. I’ll be sure to post more information the closer we get to that date.

Yellow Submarine Osu– 11:30 am, 500-800 yen

  • – June 9th, Standard
  • – June 23rd, Standard
  • – July 7th, Standard
  • – July 28th, Booster Draft

Dvantage (Kamimaezu, NOT Osu Kannon – the old Fireball), 500 yen

  • – July 21st, standard

Hobby Station Yagoto – 2pm, 500 yen

  • – June 22nd, Standard
  • – July 6th, Standard
  • – August 17th, Standard

Big Magic – 11 am, 500 yen

  • -June 30th, Standard

Hobby Station Sasashima – 2pm, 300 yen

  • – June 29th, standard
  • – July 27th, standard

Wizards of the Coast Sponsored Events

There are also a few more big events coming up before Grand Prix Kitakyushu on August 24th and 25th. If you’re planning on going to this event (plane tickets through were only 11,000 yen from Nagoya for a round trip!), it’s a good idea to compete in a Grand Prix Trial to try and get elusive BYEs (which are equivalent to going 2-0 three times in a row). There are going to be 3 chances to do so in Nagoya, starting next weekend. The formats are all standard and the costs are between 1500-2000 yen for each tournament. There will be 6 swiss rounds, followed by a t0p 8, and you get a X3 multiplier for your Planeswalker Points. This means that a WIN = 9 points, and a tie =3 points. Why is this important you ask? Well, if you can reach 400 seasonal planeswalker points before the Grand Prix, you can get a free bye. If you reach 750, you’ll get two byes. 1000 points = 3 byes. You should also know that deck lists will be required for these events, so show up a little early to fill them out.

  • Hobby Station Osu will be holding the first GPT for Kitakyushu this weekend, June 22rd. The format is standard, and there are is a limit of 32 players. They are not taking reservations, so it will be first come first served. They haven’t updated their schedule on their website yet, but I’m going to say that 11:00 am is a good time to show up. That’s when the store opens and they might start the GPT not too long afterwards. If you get there early, you can shop around until it starts.
  • Okura Act City Hotel in Hamamatsu, Shizouoka will be hosting a Pro Tour Theros Qualifier on July 7th, with registration at 9:30 am. The format is standard and the sponsor is Master’s Guild. I’m not totally sure on the cost, but it should be around 3000 yen. I will also find out how many people it will be limited to, if there is a limit. The Sponsor is Master’s Guild, so check out their information page for phone numbers if you have questions. PTQs are usually 8-9 rounds and have a multiplier of 5. These are great places to get tons of points. One WIN = 15 points, and a tie is 5 points. I got about 160 points off of 7 wins at the last two events in Nagoya because of the multiplier and bonus points from the turnout. Not bad!
  • Big Magic is hosting a Grand Prix Trial for Kitakyushu on August 3rd. The registration time will be around 9:30 am, the format standard, and the cost will be about 1500-2000 yen I think. You should be able to reserve a spot for this event, so if you’re in the area sign up at the shop. I’m guessing the cut off will be about 36-40 players. 
  • Mishimaya is holding another GPT the very next day on August 4th. Just like Big Magic, it will be about 1500 yen, start around 9:30 am, will be standard format, and you can pre-register before the event. The cut off is probably lower than BM as well. I’d expect 24-32 players for this event. 

There might be a few more events around town before the Grand Prix, so check back from time to time for updates to this thread. I hope it’s been useful and I hope you can make it into town to participate!