New Hobby Store opening and the Mutating Metagame

Osu Kannon is really the place to go for gaming in Nagoya it seems. There are now 3 stores located

The 2nd Yellow Sub has just opened in Osu!

within walking distance of each other: Amenity Dream, Hobby Station Osu, and now Yellow Submarine Osu. The new Yellow Submarine store seems a little bit bigger than the other one near Nagoya Tower. The inventory seems to be about the same as the other one though, so I would think that anything that you see at one will most likely be at the other. Y.S. continues to be  strictly a hobby store, with a decent selection of gaming accessories, board games, and booster packs of various, currently popular games. Just like the other branch, you can buy MTG singles here, as well as boosters ranging from the current sets all the way back to sets from the late 1990’s. The prices are so so, but sometimes you find a good deal there, be it on boosters or singles. They also have point cards at Yellow Submarine, but you must spend over 1000 yen before you can earn any points. Great it you buy a lot of board games, but not if you are a casual MTG player that wants a pack here and there. Also similar to the other YS, this store is seriously lacking in Magic the Gathering Events. Aside from pre-releases an game days, you won’t find FNM here. So what are my final thoughts about the new store?

  • it feels bigger than the other store near Nagoya Tower
  • it is bright, and its easy to walk around in with wide aisles
  • the play area is a decent size
  • the staff are easy to notice
  • this store is easier to get to in Osu (no reason to go to the other one now in my opinion)

There is now more than one place you can satisfy your board gaming needs in Nagoya.


As I said before, this shop is within walking distance of both Amenity Dream and Hobby Station Osu, but it the closest to Hobby Station. In fact, it is just before HS. If you are coming from Nagoya station, take the Higashiyama line to Sakae and then transfer to the Meijo Line going towards Kanayama. Kamimaezu will be the 2nd stop I believe, and similar to going to Amenity Dream, use the #9 exit to go up to street level. If you remember Akamon Dori, that is your goal. Keep walking up the road for a few blocks until you see a 7-11 on your left side, and right after that you’ll see the giant sign/gate for Akamon. Does this seem familiar? If you’ve been to Hobby Station Osu before, it should be. Walk down Akamon street and take the first right. This should be at the corner where the ART JEUNESS store is (a place where you can buy anime art I believe, I’ve never been there). Soon after taking that right, you should see the glowing yellow sign for Yellow Submarine on your left side. The store is on the 6th floor of the building next to the anime Art store. Hopefully these directions will get you there with no problems. Please let me know if they are wrong or if you need better directions.

UPDATE: Selling Cards at Yellow Submarine

If you want to sell cards at Yellow Submarine, here’s some information. YS isn’t incredibly popular with Magic players, but they still sell quite a bit of singles. There is no BUY list at their stores, but if you bring in your rares they will take a look at them and make you an offer on them or tell you if they don’t need it. Some of the Yellow Submarine stores have less stock than others, so chances are you might be able to get a good price for your cards or unload quite a bit of them if they don’t currently have them for sale in the singles case. They take both current Standard play cards, as well as older cards. So bring in your selection and see what they’ll buy! With any store you sell to, be sure to bring an ID. This can be a foreigner card, a Driver’s License, and even your passport. Even if you’re just visiting the area on vacation from overseas, it wouldn’t hurt to see if you can make some extra cash. You might make a nice profit with the Japanese yen being so strong right now!

Don’t know Japanese? Say this “Card oh ooritai (I want to sell cards). “Card oh Miite kudasai!” (please look at my cards). Good luck selling!

 The Mutating Metagame

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the current metagame in Nagoya/Japan. It seems like Wolf Run has been dominating lately. With Green sun, Huntmaster, and other undying cards, WolfRunRamp has been really hard to slow down or control. U/B Zombies also has a following and lately I’ve actually seen somebody using a RUB Zombie deck with things like Maniac Vandal to take care of Grafdigger’s Cages and also Brimstone Volleys to hit for huge damage when a gravecrawler or Messenger dies. Another interesting deck I’ve seen is a Bant (GUW) human control deck. This deck uses cards like Phyrexian Metamorph, O-rings, Mirran Crusader, Venser, and a few other stalling cards and basically keeps you locked down after a few turns. My U/R Titan’s Wrath deck seems to be having middling success with most of these decks in the metagame, but mostly due to mulligans on the first turn. With rumors of the Avacyn planeswalker being the U/R Dack Faydeen, things could be looking up for my deck. However, this week I’m going change it up a little bit and play with a new deck I’ve been working on based around this card:

Sorin has started the resurgence of token decks lately in the standard metagame.

I was lucky enough to pull a Sorin from a box my friends and I went in together on for a booster draft, and this last Friday Night Magic I went 2-1 with my U/R deck and won a booster pack, containing a Japanese Sorin. With 2 Sorin’s in my possession, I’d be crazy NOT to think about making a Token deck. But how to make it? White/Black Human Tokens has been somewhat popular, but it hasn’t unseated Spirits or WolfRun in the metagame yet. After some very promising play testing, I’m kinda excited about my token deck. But I didn’t want to run just W/B. I realized that while I needed the black for Sorin and the flashback for Lingering Souls, other than that I really didn’t need too much black in there. What I did want was more token producers and things to boost up my Human tokens, that’s why I decided to put in some green. Take a look at my set up and tell me what you think.

EDIT: (updated 4/1 – after playing and losing to a lot of Wolf Ramp decks.)


  • Evolving Wilds – 3
  • Vault of the Archangel
  • Woodland Cemetary
  • Sunpetal Grove
  • Razorverge Thicket
  • Gavony Township
  • Swamp -2
  • Plains – 10
  • Forest -3
  • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad -2
  • Knight of Bladehold
  • Mirran Crusader -2
  • Doomed Traveller -3
  • Mayor of Avabruck -3
  • Champion of the Parish -2
EDIT: (Reasons for 4/1 Change – Skirsdag wasn’t getting played at all due to only having one. Another Doomed Traveller made sense, and helps the Champion out. Took out a Mayor and put in an Intangible Virtue instead. Helps with the Tokens this way.)
  • Angelic Destiny -2
  • Jar of Eyeballs
  • Oblivion Ring -4
  • Sword of Feast and Famine
  • Parallel Lives
  • Intangible Virtue -3
  • Honor of the Pure
EDIT: (4/13 change – Took out Mimic Vat cause it was too unreliable and heavy too. I wanted more speed. The extra Intangible Virtue rocks, and I put in Sword of Feast and Famine to deal with control decks and pesky RG Beatdown/Pod decks.)
  • Faith’s Shield -3
  • Gather the Townsfolk -4
  • Beast Within
  • Lingering Souls -3
  • Timely Reinforcements
EDIT: (4/1 – Increasing Devotion was a bit heavy and slowing my deck, especially if I drew it in my first hand. Better for a mirror match or control deck. Beast Within is great. Destroy their enchant or Planeswalker, or destroy my own thing and get a 3/3 token. Extra Faith’s Shield to protect my enchantments or make my Mirran Crusader unblockable :D)
  • Celestial Purge -3
  • Revoke Existence
  • Naturalize -2
  • Ghost Quarter -2
  • Mortarpod
  • Spellskite
  • Surgical Extraction – 2
  • Grafdigger’s Cage -2
  • Increasing Devotion

EDIT: (reasons for 4/13 change – Revoke Existence is nice, but I wanted something at instant speed, so Naturalize in. Wolf ramp is killing me, so 2 Ghost Quarters are a must. Threw in a Spellskite to take care of spells that might target my fun creatures, and it can also suck up a Wolf Run and keep a creature from getting trample. Cage is great against Green Sun/Undying/Pod decks. Having 2 is better in case it gets destroyed and helps it to show up faster. I also thought that Mortarpod is great to target those pesky creatures that won’t attack, plus the token gets pumped up by Intangible Virtue.)

Of course this deck is far from complete. I’d say it’s about 85% 90%done at the moment. These are just the cards I had laying around. In reality, I’ll probably tweak the sideboard a little bit and add multiples of cards into the deck. I wouldn’t mind another Champion of the Parish. The sideboard also needs a few changes as well, but at the moment this deck is doing very well against UB control and UB Zombies. I played a little against WolfRun and almost beat it, but with Huntmaster in those decks it can be hard to take it out before it flips. I should probably be running 4 Celestial purges in the sideboard. I’ve seen this deck create a 3/3 Champion of the Parish on turn 2 though, have a large group of 3/3 Humans with the Mayor and Intangible Virtue in play, and the O-rings always do their job well. I was running 2 birds of paradise, but with the 3 Evolving wilds they don’t seem as necessary. Avacyn’s collar has also been useful since I can have it constantly creating a new spirit token from a Human token. The Jar of Eyeballs is largely in there for card drawing, but I’d rather find something a little more solid to draw cards with. Keeping those tokens coming out is incredibly important.

METAGAME UPDATE 4/13 – (2-1, 2nd place at FNM)

  • UW Delver (lost)- ran into this deck tonight and due to a few bad draws it beat me, but not badly. Geist of St. Traft was a problem cause I didn’t get any good draws to throw out tokens. If you can get good draws like a Turn 1 Champion, T2 Gather the Towns Folk, T3 Intangible Virtue, you can beat this deck!
  • BG Birthing Pod (won)- Totally destroyed this deck. T2 Gather the Townsfolk, Mirran Crusader T3, Turn 4 Angelic Destiny. Never had a chance with no board wipes to kill the Crusader.
  • RUB Grixis Control (won) – This was a tough match but I won in 3 rounds. First game had me fast out the gate and simply overrunning him. 2nd game a Curse of the Death’s Hold and some bad sideboard cards (thought he was playing FRITES at first) slowed me down getting out any tokens and once Karn hit the field I was screwed. 3rd game I trampled him under Spirits and Humans before he could get anything going late in the game (like another Karn).

If you have any comments about this deck or any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks again for reading.