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Modern Masters 2: Hits and Misses – Commons and Uncommons

It’s the calm before the storm. Prices of lots of the rares/mythics being reprinted in Modern have recently started to take a dip in value, and with the format becoming the talk of… Continue reading

Modern Masters 2: Hits and Misses – Mythic Rare and Rare Cards

If you already haven’t checked out the full spoiler list for Modern Masters 2015, you should head on over to Wizards’ website right now and do it. So what do you think of… Continue reading

Bang for your Buck: Investing in cards for Journey into Nyx – Red, Rakdos, and Gruul

Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for any poor decisions I make in regards to any cards you might buy in response to my article. I’m going to post my thoughts and… Continue reading

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  • List of Weekly Tournaments in Nagoya

    Nagoya has standard Magic tournaments almost every day.

    -- MONDAY: Card Brunch Kanayama, 6:30
    -- TUESDAY: Hobby Station Sasashima, 6:45 pm
    -- WEDNESDAY: Hobby Station Mei Eki, 6pm
    -- THURSDAY: TCG 193, 7pm
    -- FRIDAY: 6pm, FNM, Various locations (check MTG locator), Draft at Big Magic usually if enough people. Prinny Club Kanayama 8pm and 11pm.
    -- SATURDAY: Card Labo Mei Eki, 11:30 am - Hobby Station Mei Eki, 2pm.
    -- SUNDAY: Big Magic, 11 am. Usually a booster draft after standard tournament (3:30 or later depending on number of participants at the standard event).

    There are also Legacy and Modern events held around town during the week.

    -- Monday: TCG 193, 7pm (Modern)
    -- Tuesday: TCG 193, 7pm (Legacy)
    -- Thursday: Advantage Kamimaezu, 7pm (Legacy)
    -- Friday: Hobby Station Mei Eki (modern) 6pm, Advantage Kamimaezu (modern and legacy) 6:30pm, TCG Shop 193 (modern), 7pm
    -- Saturday: Hobby Station Osu, 1pm (Legacy), TCG 193 (Legacy)
    -- Sunday: Hobby Station Osu, 5pm (Modern)

    There are also modern, legacy, and vintage events about one time a month at Big Magic as well. Amenity Dream also hosts one Legacy even a month too I think. Check the "Magic the Gathering" tab on the top of my website to get more information about the locations of these stores.