Miracles Do Happen

Holy shit. I never thought in a million years that my deck would be the deck chosen for Gavin Verhey’s “ReConstructed” article. I thought, “my deck is good, but it has some weak points. It will never be chosen.” But I guess it pays to be different and to think different from the rest of the metagame once in a while!


I agree with most of his suggestions, and if I could afford 4 Snapcaster Mages, I would definitely run them in my main deck. But I was using cards that I had traded for, got as promos, or pulled from booster packs, so my choices were a little limited. He is also assuming I’m playing Magic in the USA, but the metagame in Japan can be extremely different sometimes. I will definitely put some Thunderous Wraths, Pillar of Flames, and Temporal Masteries (if I can pull one) in this deck after Avacyn comes out. Anyways, I thought that all of you readers out there would be interested in this news!

The list for Avacyn has been fully spoiled by now. I will be working on a Top 20 list before the weekend, some deck building strategies I will be using for the sealed tourney, and I will also be conducting some polls with the Japanese players I run into this weekend. What I’m interested in is what Japanese players will be using (color and deck wise) after Avacyn becomes legal, as well as which color they see as being the best in the new set. I’ll post the results sometime next week.


Thanks again for following!