What to Expect: The Impact of M13 on the metagame – Green

Whoa, it’s a little late in the day again, but I’m going to try and stick to my schedule and get out another article about what you can expect from green after this weekend. Green had some decent cards in Avacyn Restored (Wolfir Silverheart, Wolfir Avenger, etc), but I think green definitely got a huge boost with M13. There are a few more Elves in M13 now, and it MIGHT be possible to run an Elf deck with crazy mana acceleration, Predatory Rampage, and a Overrun, but I think more likely what you’ll see out of green specifically will be more mono-decks. In fact, I think you’ll see a lot more G/X decks just because of some of the cards I’m posting about today. The days of G/R being the only green deck are over. Green is back.

Rancor: Probability – VERY high

This card alone has revived green has revived Mono-green as viable deck choice. Rancor is going to show up in ANY and EVERY deck running green. I recently put together a UG Delver deck with Rancors in there and damn it is nasty. My friends who used mono-green before are super psyched about slapping this card on a Dungrove Elder. There will be no more chump blocking against green! Aside from mono-green decks, you’ll also see this card in WG Human/Angel decks, and in GR Beatdown too I think. If this card surfaces a lot in standard, I definitely think people are going to run more control decks in the coming week.

Elvish Visionary: Moderate

Of course this would be in any mono green/Elf deck, but I think you’ll find this card sneaking into other decks with green as well, such as GR beatdown. However, I won’t go as far as to say people will be using this card in Pod decks. Post rotation it will be popping up a lot more, but for now I think its spot is going to be in decks that haven’t yet dominated the metagame. Good card though. Maybe in a GW blink deck with Restoration Angel? Or GB with Ghostly Flicker? We’ll see . . .

Mwonvuli Beast Tracker: Probabilty – Moderate

Again, I think this card has some interesting uses but it will most likely be in a deck that hasn’t created yet. It would be a great way to get a Primeval Titan, Acidic Slime, Thrun the Last Troll, or a Dungrove Elder on the 4th turn, so I could definitely see this being used heavily in a mono-green deck. It gives green decks, which usually lack card draw and card  advantage, some versatility. Mana dork, mana dork, Beast tracker, creature “X”. It might even appear in GR Kessig as well for it’s ability to get your Titans asap.

Ground Seal

Okay, so this is largely a sideboard card, but for 2 mana you get to draw a card and shut down decks using Snapcaster Mage to flash things back and Frites decks. I’d much rather side this in against those types of deck instead of a Nihil Spellbomb. I’d run this, a Grafdigger’s Cage (for Zombies), and a Tormod’s Crypt if those decks get popular. The benefits of this card over the others are that it’s harder to destroy (unless somebody is running Naturalizes. But most people will be running Ancient Grudge in their sideboards or nothing at all to take care of Enchantments).

Predatory Rampage: Probability – low to moderate

A lot of people don’t know how to use this card, but I think I understand its position in a deck. It’s a Green board wipe. While Overrun would give you +3/+3 and Trample, this is +3/+3 and Lure. By forcing your opponent to block your 7/7 Dungrove Elder or other creature, you can effectively wipe the board clean with your creatures. If you combo this with Ordric and some deathtouch creatures, this card becomes even more potent. But because most people haven’t really thought about this cards possibilities, I don’t think you’ll see it any time soon. Post rotation, maybe, but I think the trample of Overrun is more important than Lure at the moment. Possible decks would be Mono-green and WG Humans.

Thragtusk: Probability – high

Everybody’s been talking about this creature, so there is probably little new I can shed light on. He’ll definitely be in GR beatdown and Birthing Pod decks. In Naya Pod, you’d bring in your Huntmaster and get your Wolf Token +2 life, then on the next turn ramp it into a Thragtusk for 5 life. And on the following turn you’d sacrifice him and get a 3/3 Token, then bring out the Inferno Titan. Another use for him would be to blink him with a Restoration Angel to gain even more life, PLUS put a 3/3 Beast token into play. This card is just plain sick. You’ll definitely see it in Pod decks, but also in WG Blink decks and GR beatdown decks. Awesome value. Best creature of the set hands down.

Yeva, Nature’s Herald: Probability – moderate to high

Yeva won’t be taking the place of Restoration Angels or Huntmaster of the Falls any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see any play out of her. She’s definitely anti-control and that’s where she’ll fit in with any X/Green deck. Just like Wolfir Avenger with GR kessig, when you’re playing against control wait until your opponent taps out and then flash her in. You might see her in Mono Green, but overall I think you’ll find her in the sideboard of some decks.

Silklash Spider: Probability – low to Moderate

I just love this card. A 2/7(!!!!!) with reach. With one more defense, he could even block Griselbrand! I also like that he has a built in Corrosive Gale. Post rotation he’ll be big in green sideboard decks, and even now I think you could see him getting some play against Delver, Angels, and Dragons. His cost is also very fair, so he’s not too bad to keep as your anti-aircraft gun.If you’re playing Mono-green, definitely look into it!

Okay, I need to crash, but tomorrow I’ll be covering blue or black! Two more days until the standard metagame changes. Hope you can prepare yourself! If you can find any other uses for these cards or for a monogreen deck, please post them!