M13: Magic Game Day and Nagoya PTQ Correction

7/29 Nagoya PTQ Correction:

I want to make a quick correction about the PTQ in Nagoya this Sunday. I don’t know if anybody in the area was planning on going, but I just found out today that it’s for people who pre-registered only. I’m totally shocked. I had absolutely no idea that you had pre-register for this event. There were no posters or flyers with the information on it and supposedly the process is all in Japanese on the organizer’s website. I found out today while I was at another tournament that you can only participate if you sent an email  to the person in charge of the tournament.

For future reference, here is the judge in charge of most of the PTQ and other competitive events in the area.

“Judge” Nakamura – nekomyr@hotmail.com

If you hear about an event and want to register for it, please email Mr. Nakamura and ask how to register for the event. He speaks some English, so if you keep it simple it should be no problem.

I believe this is his website, so if you can read Japanese well please look for future tourney information here!


All is not lost though! If some of the people who registered for the event do not show up, you can take their place for the PTQ. I plan on going there early in the morning to see if I can get a spot, but if not I’ll be there for some free play, testing out my newest UR build along with my Exalted deck. I’ll also be walking around taking notes on the metagame for a few hours, so if you see me please say hello.

Just a reminder, the registration starts at 9:30, and the game starts at 10 am. It will be 7 rounds of swiss followed by a top 8 doing single elimination. The winner will get an invitation to Pro Tour Ravnica.

I apologize again for not getting all the information for this event. I will be sure to keep this in mind for future events.

M13 Magic Game Day

I’ve been to a few of the stores already and got information for next weekend’s Magic Game Day. Everybody will get a M13 Mwonvuli Beast Tracker Game Day promo for participating, and those that make it to the top 8 will receive a M13 Magmaquake Game Day promo. Below is an incomplete list of the stores participating in the event next weekend. I will be sure to update this post when I get more information, so please check back if your store doesn’t appear on here.

  • Amenity Dream, 11 AM – August 4th and August 5th, 1000 yen, registration starts at 11 AM, but the game starts at 11:40.
  • Big Magic, 10:30 AM – August 5th, 500-1000 yen (undecided), registration starts at 10:30 am, game starts at 11 am. Space is limited to 30 people, so get there early if you want to play. If you don’t make the cut, you can head over to Amenity Dream or Card Brunch afterwards.
  • Hobby Station Osu, 12 PM – August 4th, 500-1000 yen, registration starts at 12pm, but games will start at 12:30 pm.
  • Card Brunch (Kanayama), 12pm – August 5th, 300 yen, registration starts at 11 am, games at 12pm.
  • Hobby Station Meitetsu Eki (Nagoya Station) – August 4th and 5th? Around 1000 yen? From 2:30 pm? (Manager didn’t know the exact information yet, will update this later)
  • Mishimaya (Ozone) –
  • Phase (Chikusa) –

It looks like you you will have a back up for each day if one event is packed, however make sure you can get to the second location as soon as possible!

Also, before I go for today, take a look at this link about the Magic World Cup Qualifiers in Nagoya back in June. You can scroll down and see the Top 8 players, including Katsuhiro Mori (in the red pants), and Yuuta Takahashi, the final member of the Japan World Cup team (he’s holding the envelope).


Look for another article sometime next week about the PTQ in Nagoya, and now the metagame is changing. Thanks again for reading.