Grand Prix Trials in Nagoya

GP Trials in Nagoya

This is just a short post today, but I wanted to let players living in Japan know that there are two GP Trials coming up in Nagoya at Amenity Dream. These trials are for BYE rounds at Grand Prix Auckland and GP Taipei. The first one is on September 16th, and the cost is 2000 yen. Registration is from 11-11:30 AM, and rounds will start from 11:50 AM. I believe that there will be 7 rounds of swiss followed by 3 single elmination rounds, so expect a long day if you plan on going. This won’t be the only chance to grab a bye, but it’s probably the first chance to do so in Nagoya.

The second event is on October 21st, and follows the same format as the first one. Both trials will also be played in the standard format, but I believe the actual GPs themselves are going to be Standard and Sealed respectively. The date of GP Auckland is November 3-4, and Taipei is November 24-25th. More information about the GP schedule can be found on WotC’s website (

I plan on going to both myself to test out my skill, and if I do well I might consider flying out to Taipei since Tickets can be found cheap from time to time. If anybody reads this and would be willing to help me out in Taiwan in November, get in touch with me!