What’s in those Ravnica Guild Boosters?

I have two more store profiles around the Nagoya area for you this week , but before that I’d like to think out loud about the Return to Ravnica pre-release. It’s been said that everybody will be receiving a special promo card which can be used in your deck during the pre-release, and those cards have been revealed already. It’s also been said that everybody will be receiving a special booster pack containing cards from their guild of choice. I believe that we can guess some of the cards which might be in there for each guild already. Here are my thoughts on what will be in EACH Guild booster. Again, this is just what I THINK will be in the boosters.

You can also take a look at how each guild will match up against the other ones and already start to prepare a strategy for whichever guild you choose. It’s been talked about a little online already, that each booster will probably showcase that guild’s special ability, so don’t expect any super strong cards from these Guild boosters.

(UPDATE: It looks like 263/274 cards have been spoiled on MTGsalvation’s forums! Somebody really dropped the ball on keeping everything secret this time! http://mtgsalvation.com/return-to-ravnica-spoiler.html#6560 )

UPDATE 2: Quoting Bartiti “it’s been stated that you can pull any rare but if you pull a mythic it is your guild leader and can not be another on color mythic (ex : a rakdos pack only has the possiblity of pulling rakdos as unlikely as that it, but i will never contain Rakdos’ return) then the commons and uncommons are all random but obviously on colour” – Thanks for the information Bartiti! I didn’t know!)


  • Hypersonic Dragon (R-promo card)
  • Mercuial Chemister (R)
  • Izzet Charm (U)
  • Nivix Guildmage (U)
  • Izzet Keyrune (U)
  • Izzet Guildgate (C)
  • Goblin Electromancer (C)
  • Essence Backlash (C)
  • Frostburn Weird (C)
  • Downsize (C)
  • Dynacharge (C)
  • Electrickery (C)
  • Inspiration (C)
  • Chemister’s Trick (C)
  • Mizzium Skin (C)
  • Pursuit of Flight (C)


  • Corpsejack Menace (R – promo card)
  • Jarad’s Orders (R)
  • Golgari Charm (U)
  • Golgari Keyrune (U)
  • Korozda Guidmage (U)
  • Golgari Guildgate (C)
  • Grisly Savage (C)
  • Sluiceway Scorpion (C)
  • Launch Party (C)
  • Sewer Shambler (C)
  • Drudge Beetle (C)
  • Korozda Monitor (C)
  • Golgari Longlegs (C)
  • Terrus Wurm (C)
  • Stonefare Crocodile (C)
  • ??? X 1


  • Grove of the Guardian (R – promo)
  • Growing Ranks (R)
  • Selesnya Charm (U)
  • Selesnya Keyrune (U)
  • Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage (U)
  • Selesnya Guildgate (C)
  • Selesnya Sentry (C)
  • Trostani’s Judgment (C)
  • Druid’s Deliverance (C)
  • Horncaller’s Chant (C)
  • Centaur Healer (C)
  • Rootborn Defenses (C)
  • Eyes in the Skies (C)
  • Common Bond (C)
  • Courser’s Accord (C)
  • Sundering Growth (C)


  • Archon of the Triumvirate (R – promo card)
  • Detention Sphere (R – probably not, but I can’t think of another rare to take its place yet)
  • Azorius Charm (U)
  • Azorius Keyrune (U)
  • New Prahv Guildmage (U)
  • Azorius Guildgate (C)
  • Dramatic Rescue (C)
  • Hussar Patrol (C)
  • Search Warrant (C)
  • Vassal Soul (C)
  • Azorius Arrester (C)
  • Swift Justice (C)
  • Inaction Injunction (C)
  • Tower Drake (C)
  • Voidwielder (C)
  • Isperia’s Skywatch (C)


  • Carnival Hellsteed (R – promo)
  • Rakdos Charm (U)
  • Rakdos Keyrune (U)
  • Rix Maadi Guildmage (U)
  • Rakdos Guildgate (C)
  • Augur Spree (C)
  • Skull Rend (C)
  • Spawn of Rix Maadi (C)
  • Rakdos Shred Freak (C)
  • Dead Reveler (C)
  • Deviant Glee (C)
  • Grim Roustabout (C)
  • Gore-House Chainwalker (C)
  • Splatter Thug (C)
  • ??? x 2

These are my guesses for the guild packs. I think each one will have a charm, a gate, a Keyrune, and a Guildmage. The rest of the booster pack will be made up cards that showcase the new abilities I think. If you look at these packs of “15” + the promo, you can see that there aren’t really any power cards and I think that they are all rather balanced. There are still a few missing cards, but I think overall you can start making your deck based on these assumptions.

Starting next weekend I’ll be doing my usual “Play to your Weaknesses” articles, but this time, instead of doing each color I’m going to focus on each guild and how I would build a sealed deck using those colors. I’ll incorporate what I think will be in the guild boosters, and build decks from those assumptions. Be sure to look for my first article next Monday! Until then, keep your eyes peeled for another store profile and my metagame report for the rest of August and beginning of September. Thanks for reading!