Burning with a Vengeance

I wanted to let you know that I put together a new Burning Vengeance deck and wrote an article about it for 60cards.com. If you’d like to check it out, please click the link below!


I’ve been playing against BW Token, GW Aggro, GR Werewolves beatdown, and various other decks and it’s not bad at all. I think in the new metagame without cards like Birds of Paradise, Primeval Titan, Wurmcoil Engine, and Birthing Pod, the metagame moves a lot slower and makes this deck a lot more powerful. I haven’t tried it in a tournament yet, but I might just try it out at Friday Night Magic this week! It’s cheap so throw one together and try it out!


I have some suggestions for a revised build to the deck posted above. Here are a few more changes I’d make to it after playing with it last week.

  1. Take out Transguild Promenade and put in a Glacial Fortress
  2. Take out 2 Reforge the Soul and put it in the sideboard, remove 2 Increasing Confusion (Reforge the Soul will act like mill and helps you out more I think.)
  3. Add in 2 Epic Experiments main (or add 1 main and add another Devil’s Play main)
  4. Take 1 Rolling Temblor out of sideboard, add another Ray of Revelation (Temblor is good against aggro, but you have so much damage coming from Burning Vengeance you won’t miss a 4th one.)

I think Epic Experiment will be great in this deck, allowing you to unleash a barrage of spells all at once, then have them ready to flashback the following turn. I also think that Rest in Peace and Detention Sphere are going to get a lot of play, so having 3 Ray of Revelations is better. I went 2-2 last Friday, only losing because of those two cards. I definitely think the deck has a chance! Try it out!