Thoughts about the video game Ceasefire on 12/21/12

I saw other gamers doing this #OCeasefire thing, but it’s probably better if people stop buying those games period. Do we really need to keep buying games that get closer and closer to showing what it’s like to kill somebody in real life? Does that not desensitize us to the act itself? I actually felt sick when playing the latest God Of War (the violence was over the top I felt), and I feel that it doesn’t add anything to the gaming experience. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t played in such a long time. Your dollars will make more of a point than your action on the internet, so instead of doing the ceasefire, cease buying overly violent games that glorify violence in the future. Better yet, trade in your violent games like gun owners who are trading in their guns to show your support.

Merely turning off your game system for one day will do absolutely nothing and is an empty, lazy act if you’re just going to pick it up and play it again the following day. That’s my two cents. If you think a one day ceasefire will accomplish something, please let me know what you think will happen. I’d like to hear it.