Nagoya Mall Rats: Part 2 – Nagoya Dome Aeon

Sorry to all of you waiting for more Magic the Gathering information from Japan. I’m still absorbing all of the information we’re getting from Gatecrash, and by this weekend I plan on writing an article about . . . . Rainbows . . . or something like that. Until then, I visited another mall after work the other day and snapped some pictures. Seeking to help out those people who live nearby and like shopping, I decided to do a post on malls in Nagoya again. If you’re interested, please read on! 

Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome

Sadly, there is no English website that I can find on Nagoya Dome Aeon Mall, but you can see their Japanese website here and press random buttons to find your way around their website. First off: stores


I personally think that Nagoya Dome Aeon mall is the best mall in Nagoya. They recently remodeled the mall and added quite a few new stores. Some stores you should check out at Zara, The Gap, Eddie Bauer, Right On, Timberland, Village Vanguard, Lacoste, Seria (100 yen store with good products), Barns shoe store, and of course a Chunichi Dragons store where you can buy all your baseball team goods such as hats and jerseys. You can also find a Murasaki Sports there for your outdoors sporting needs like snowboarding and surfing, and there are also a variety of book stores there.

While it’s missing stores like Uniqlo and Muji, it still has quite a large selection of stores to check out. The Aeon department store is also a rather big size.

Aeon Nagoya Dome

Aeon Nagoya Dome


Where Nagoya Dome Aeon REALLY shines is with its food selection. They have one of the largest food courts in Nagoya to accommodate all of the traffic before and after baseball games. Inside the food court you can find KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Mister Doughnuts, Pepper Lunch, Sukiya (beef bowls), Sugakiya (ramen), Mos Burger, Basking Robins 31 Ice cream, and tons of other eateries. 

Food court at Aeon Nagoya Dome

Food court at Aeon Nagoya Dome

 This is just on the 2nd floor though. In their restaurant section on the first floor they have Yabaton (a famous local restaurant that serves Miso Katsu- fried pork in a special miso sauce), sushi, ramen, okonomiyaki, and even a Krispy Kreme doughnuts. There are no shortage of choices, but sometimes it can get really busy around lunch time. 

Restaurants on the first floor

Restaurants on the first floor


Just like the last post I made about Aeon mall Atsuta, this mall isn’t just a supermarket, department store, and full or shopping, you can also take care of a few other things while you’re there. There is a QB House for cheap haircuts, a JTB travel agency to plan trips, Eye City for contact lenses, and even a cooking school. If you feel like gaming, there is also a decent sized arcade with some of the latest games and purikura bootsh to take pictures in. While it’s no Sakae for shopping, Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome is still worth a stop, even if it’s just to check out the Chunichi Dragons baseball store on the second floor near the walkway close to the dome. 



Nagoya Dome Aeon is easier to get to than Atsuta Aeon, but it is a walk from the station. The #1 exit from Nagoya Dome Mae Eki should take you down a long hallway and to the bottom of a stairway and escalator. Take it up, then take the next escalator up until you reach the long overpass that goes all the way to the baseball stadium. Once you get to the top of the 2nd escalator, you should see the mall and stadium and be able to find it yourself. 

I hope this post has helped some people that are planning to visit the city, and also those people that live nearby and like to shop in Nagoya every once in a while. If you have any questions about the area or mall, let me know. For those of you that play Magic, Ozone is the next station. You could check out the mom and pop store Mishimaya near Ozone station, and then afterwards  kill two birds with one stone by heading to the mall for some shopping and food. 

Be sure to stop back this weekend for a new post about Gatecrash! Thanks for being patient with me as I add different content to this

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