Soldiers of Boros

Today’s post is a follow up to my previous post “3 Minute Abs, 5 Minute Wins“. We’ve gotten a few good Boros (RW) cards spoiled from the new Gatecrash set, and I decided to update my previous list. Whether or not it will improve my chances for a win is yet to be seen, but on paper it looks much better. 

“Soldiers of Boros”

Lands (22)

  • 2 Slayer’s Stronghold
  • 2 Cavern of Souls
  • 4 Clifftop Retreat
  • 4 Sacred Foundry
  • 4 Mountains
  • 6 Plains

The addition of Sacred Foundary should so WONDERS for drawing the right colors early and often so I can cast anything in the deck. At the events where I used my WR Humans deck, there were times when I was mana screwed and unable to cast anything in my hand. The shockland should fix this. 

Creatures (26)

  • 4 War Falcon
  • 4 Champion of the Parish
  • 4 Lightning Mauler
  • 4 Fencing Ace
  • 2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
  • 4 Silverblade Paladin
  • 2 Hellrider
  • 2 Odric, Master Tactician

Gone is Riders of Gavony and Precinct Captain, and in their place I put in another Odric and 2 Silverblade Paladins. Riders is a good card if your opponent is using one creature type, but otherwise Odric is a better choice, especially if you get to choose which how they block. Odric also works well with Lightning Mauler on turn 4, since you’re sure to deal the damage instead of having your creatures chump blocked.  The added Silverblade Paladins also add more First strikers to your deck, be it a Hellrider, Lightning Mauler, or War Falcon.

Spells and Other (12)

  • 2 Silver-Inlaid Dagger
  • 2 Aurelia’s Fury
  • 4 Searing Spear
  • 4 Boros Charm
Boros Charm

Boros Charm

Ohhhhh yeah. Boros charm, you sexy sexy charm you. Double strike to any creature = great. Four damage to target player = very nice. All your creatures are indesructible? Freaking amazing! No need to run Rootborn Defenses in the sideboard anymore for control match ups. With this main deck, there is nothing to worry about when your opponent uses a Bonfire of the Damned or Supreme Verdict. Your creatures will merely brush it off, smile, and bring the pain the next turn. Aurelia’s Fury is much better main deck than Faith’s Shield to push damage through. Not only does it tap all their creatures and allow you to hit at full power, it also does damage to the player. So your boards have been wiped and your just out of Searing Spear range with 8 mana on the board? BOOM! Six damage. I love that card in this deck, but I just hope it isn’t too expensive. 

Sideboard (15)

  • 3 Skullcrack
  • 2 Firemane Angel
  • 2 Safe Passage 
  • 2 Faith’s Shield
  • 1 Rest in Peace
  • 3 Ash Zealot
  • 2 Frontline Medic


The sideboard definitely  got a shot in the arm with Gatecrash. Skull Crack negates the effects of Sphinx’s Revelation and Thragtusk, and Frontline Medic will definitely be on the front lines against UWR and GWU control to force your opponent to play their Sphinx’s Revelation far later in the game, which is great for a deck like this that wants to hit hard and fast before your opponent can recover. I also added in a 3rd Ash Zealot for control match ups. With two sets of dual lands, you should have no problem getting mana for her early on int he game. Safe Passage should also work to your advantage against other aggressive decks, letting you attack without having to worry about racing your opponent as long as you can “fog” them and end up helping them reaching the 0 life finish line first. 

There might be another card or two from Gatecrash that will improve this deck even further, but for now I’d be happy running this as well. Thanks for reading and check back this weekend for another Investment article!