Betting on the Long Shot

As you may already know, I have been writing for the Magic website, but today I posted my new article on Click on the link below to check it out.

So what does this mean? Well, for starters, will continue to have metagame updates from Japan, journal entries about big events such as Grand Prix and PTQs, deck ideas, and more. However, some articles will appear on the other sites and be linked here. I do this for a few reasons. First off, I’d like to get out there online a little more and create a name for myself in the Magic community. The Japan Hobbyist is a great way to reach those who are interested in the Magic happenings in Japan, as well as those that need information about playing Magic in Japan. I’m extremely happy to have met so many of my readers in real life at Magic events and to have helped them with things such as the Japanese Magic vocabulary and store information. With this being said, I’d like to get a little more exposure overseas as well, and to do that I need to branch out to different websites. and will be my windows to the English speaking world. They are both smaller websites but nonetheless have some great people running them. In the future you’ll be able to see a mixture of content on all 3 sites including (but not limited to): Limited suggestions, financial articles, changes to the metagame, insight into the Japanese metagame, and more. The Japan Hobbyist will have access to each of the other sites as well, which means I will always post a link to any outside work I do. 

Coming Soon

Dragon’s Maze is just around the corner and 62 out of 166 cards have already been spoiled. I’m getting excited about quite a few cards already. As soon as the entire spoiler list is printed, I’ll be working tirelessly to get out articles before the pre-release in my continuing series “Play to your Weaknesses”. Look for the first post around April 23rd and the rest of the colors to follow soon after. The following week after the pre-release, I’ll be starting on my second series that I began before Gatecrash “Bang for your Buck” which goes over which cards I think will go up in value and which cards will become bargains. That series is set to start on April 29th. And last but not least will be my “What to Expect” series which will go over all the cards in the new set and talk about which cards I think will  affect the metagame. Look for those articles to start posting sometime around May 6th. 

All in all, we’re looking at about 18 new posts within a 3 week period, so be sure to check back every day starting April 23rd! I haven’t decided yet, but most likely the “Play to your Weaknesses” articles will be a Japan Hobbyist exclusive,  and the “Bang for your Buck” series will be both on here and on It will all depend on the content going up on, but I’d like to start posting my “What to Expect” series there with a focus on what players in Japan plan on using in their decks after the release of Dragon’s Maze. I’m excited and can’t wait to write up all the new content! Thanks for reading and if you want to leave some feedback about my link above, please feel free to do so above.