November 22nd & 23rd Weekend Update – GP Kyoto Coverage

This weekend is Grand Prix Kyoto and I will be traveling to Kyoto late Friday night to meet up with my team. We’ll be playing in main event on Saturday, and hopefully we can find our way into day 2 as well (if not I’ll be there on Sunday for the Super Sunday series). I won’t be making any updates to this blog until after the weekend with results and information about the event and format. However, if you’re interested in following the action, you can do so from Wizard’s of the Coast’s coverage page, follow me on Twitter (@yoschwenky), or check out and their great coverage of the event. They did a great job at GP Kitakyushu and I’m sure they’ll be good at GP Kyoto as well. You can also follow their twitter (@TokyoMTG).

During my free time in between rounds, I will be updating my twitter with information about the event, my team’s progress through the rounds, pictures from the event hall and surrounding area, and I also hope to introduce you to some professional and semi professional players here in Japan and their teams. I’ll be “pro spotting” all day, so see if you can name them all. If you have any requests, as in how a team is doing, who is who’s team member, or anything else you can think of, please send me a message on Twitter and I will do my best to accommodate your request. You call follow my rankings on Wizard’s website by finding my name – Ryan Schwenk.

Wish my team luck!