Code of the Cardboard Samurai #8: Judge-ment Day

For episode 8 of the Code of the Cardboard Samurai podcast I thought I’d try something new. I took the show on the road last week at Eternal Weekend and met up with a good Japanese Magic friend of mine from Aichi prefecture, who is also a level 2 judge; Ken Sawada. 

In this episode I interviewed Ken about what being a judge in Japan is like. We discussed some of the things that make the Japanese judge system different from others, he gave me a Japanese point of view on the new Judge Academy system that Channel Fireball is rolling out in the near future, and we talked about what direction he sees the Judge community going. 

I hope to have more Japanese players on the show in the coming months, and while we might not always be able to communicate perfectly all the time, I look forward to telling their stories and allowing them to share their thoughts with an English speaking audience. If you have any ideas or topics for future podcast episodes, be sure to leave them in the comment section!