We are (a)Live!

The original idea behind my website was to show people cool things around Japan, but then I caught the Magic the Gathering bug and my website slowly devolved into everything related to that one hobby. I’ve really enjoyed making content about Magic the Gathering over the years, but the Covid 19 pandemic really put a hamper on creating content specifically about Japan for the world at large. 

This month that all ends. Starting from this weekend at the God of Pioneer 7 at Hareruya in Tokyo, I plan on bringing back content on MTG in Japan, and in the long run, move into other topics as well. But wait, what’s all this about being live? Well this weekend I plan on updating my website live by using my iPad and a new Bluetooth keyboard to give people coverage in between the rounds as I play through the tournament. But how is this different from just live tweeting everything?

The devil is in the details, or in this case, the benefit.

Live tweeting is a great way to share information quickly but sadly the character count restriction makes it extremely hard to share a lot of information all at once. To get around this, I plan on tweeting out information from an event (in this case, it will be the God of Pioneer 7), and then if I have a substantial amount of time between rounds I will expand on that tweet and give information on my blog.

I must apologize ahead of time if I’m not always able to update an article between rounds due to time constraints from being in the main event, but if I don’t make the cut from time to time, you’ll have my undivided attention in the finals of the events.

As I get better at doing this sort of “guerilla” coverage at events, I hope to expand into other areas outside of Magic as well. Also I would like to welcome any input and feedback on this endeavor so that I can become a better writer and content producer. I realize that it isn’t always easy to get live information about Japan in English outside of Japan, but I hope I can change that. I want to bring the people of Japan and the culture closer to everybody, and I hope you’ll be along for the journey.

Thanks again for reading and welcome back to thejapanhobbyist.com!