Code of the Cardboard Samurai #17 -God of Pioneer 7 and the State of Organized Play in Japan



With the God of Pioneer 7 tournament in the books and still fresh on everybody’s mind, The Japan Hobbyist and his “cohost” Taichi invite new friend and local MTG player Mickey (Swampmouse on Discord) to talk about his experience at the event. We go over what the metagame was like, the top 16 decklists, and also discuss the overall state of the Pioneer format in Japan at the moment.

In the second half of the podcast we move onto a discussion about organized play in Japan to help foreign players living or visiting the country. Taichi gives us some insight on what OP was like in the past in Japan and his opinions on how this year will be different, then offers us the unique perspective of a level 1 Magic the Gathering Judge. If you’re thinking about playing Magic the Gathering in Japan and want to hop into competitive play this year, you don’t want to miss this episode!

If you have questions about MTG in Japan don’t be afraid to drop into our discord or hitting me up on Twitter!

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