Hello world!

I would like to welcome everybody to my new Blog, The Japan Hobbyist. After living in Japan for more than 5 years now, I’ve come to realize that from time to time people come to Japan thinking there is only a limited number of things to see, do, and enjoy. I’d like to share my own experiences and stories and show a wide variety of ways people visiting or living in Japan can enjoy the country. I currently live in Nagoya, but I’ve lived in Shizuoka prefecture before that and even had a short stint in Tokyo. Most of my initial posts will focus on the Nagoya area, but as I get more organized and get more information together I will expand the scope of this site.

I would like to cover a range of topics and hobbies while I update this sight, including a few things I’m currently nerding out on.

A few ideas for upcoming posts:

-Magic the Gathering in Japan: The Card Culture

-Current video games

-Entertainment: On TV and at the Movies

-Sports in Japan: From Baseball to Sumo

-The Path less traveled: Exploring Japan’s popular sites and countryside and finding out of the way places

-The Gourmand: Tasty drinks, food, and interesting restaurants

-Keeping up with Fashion: Opinions on what’s in and what’s out at the moment

-Japanese music: Discussion of the current hits, classics, and also locations of live houses where people can rock out.

Again this is only a small portion of the things I’d like to cover in my blog. I might cover some more in depth than others, and I also might revisit some of the topics with updates as well when I see fit. I look forward to sharing this information and putting together a great blog in the future. よろしく!