Extra Cards and Dark Ascension

I’m getting really excited for the Dark Ascension expansion that gets its pre-release on January 28th-29th (24 days away here in Japan!) I can’t wait to see how the meta game will change in relation to the new cards. I’ve been waiting for spoilers to pop up online but the only thing I’ve seen so far from Wizards is some backstory ( http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/stf/176 ). We can only guess what cards will do what, but for a moment lets take a look at the pictures in their backstory. What kind of card will it be, and what color? What do you think it will do?

  • Pic 1: It looks as though it will be a creature card, black and might be a vampire or sorts. Seems like it will have some sort of activated ability as well.
  • Pic 2: Possibly a human card or some type of sorcery/instant. I’m going to say a blue card. looking at the shadows being kept at bay, I’m going to guess it will be a “fog” against zombies, ghosts, and vampires. Heh, we’ll see.
  • Pic 3: Definitely an enchant/sorcery/instant. Perhaps a new curse? I’m going to lean towards it being a red card, and if an Aura, it will deal damage to the creature each turn.
  • Pic 4: Black card. Skeleton or sorcery spell. Has some sort of raise dead effect. Maybe destory a white creature when it comes into play?
  • Pic 5: Pirate ghosts. Creatures. Blue. Flying. Gives power to other geists.
  • Pic 6: Black or green card. Aura or sorcery? Looks like it will let you control a creature.
  • Pic 7: Red card maybe. Destroying books . . . maybe hits the person’s library? Sorcery or instant most likely.
  • Pic 8: Red or Red/Black demon creature. Some type of ability like pinging, intimidate, etc. Decent powered creature. Maybe a 3/2.
  • Pic 9: White card. Maybe an instant or a human creature. Has the ability to destroy attacking evil creatures at a cost.
  • Pic 10: Legendary Geist creature. Black/Blue perhaps? Maybe regenerate with some type of tapping function.
  • Pic 11: Obviously one of the new Planeswalkers (or old ones), Sorin Markov. Most likely stronger than his M12 version.

I really can’t wait for the set as you can see. The end of the month can’t come soon enough. As the other part of the title says extra cards, let me ask you this; what do you do with your unused cards? I recently bought 2 boxes of cards when I was home for my friends and I. I could use a few of them, but it seems like I’ve hit a good level and don’t really need to keep buying packs. I have a large amount of decent commons to pull from for future decks, and instead of buying boosters in the future I’ll probably just buy singles since it would be cheaper than not getting my card out of a pack and  having to buy more. With that being said, I have some extra cards (if I have a playset, I usually don’t keep the cards unless it’s really good). My friends also have tons of commons and uncommons laying around unused, and instead of throwing them away or  letting them stay in a box somewhere for the duration of their ‘standard’ life, why not give them to players or wannabe players?

I know of a few people who stopped playing Magic a few years ago due to the cost and inability to keep up with the trends, so let me be the first to say take my cards please! If you are reading this and living in the Tokai area of Japan, I’d be more than happy to give you some free cards and mana to help you get started again. If you are thinking of getting back into Magic, please contact me and we’ll work something out. I’m sure my friends would be happy to throw some cards your way too. Thanks again for reading, and hopefully the next post will be another Hobby Store profile. I believe the last two I will be covering is Hobby Station (both Osu and Meitetsu station branches), and Big Magic.


EDIT: I located some more pictures for your viewing pleasure, and found out that the visual spoilers will be starting Monday, January 9th! Can’t wait.