We all live on a . . .(the latest Hobby Store profile!)

We all live on a Yellow Submarine, a yellow Submarine, a yellow submarine . . .

Today’s hobby store profile is of Yellow Submarine. YS is a chain store located all over Japan in most of the large metropolitan areas, just as Big Magic is. YS and BM are usually sponsors for events such as the Pro Tour and Grand Prix when they are held in Japan. While Big Magic’s main focus is on Magic cards, Yellow Submarine’s main focus is on Hobby Goods. YS is the MAIN stop for any table top gamer, board gamer, or card gamer.

        They have an entire wall devoted to games like Zombie Town, Settlers of Catan, and many other popular board games. If they don’t have the game you want, most likely they will be able to order it for you, so don’t be shy to ask (just keep in mind they probably don’t speak English that well).  They also have  small figurines used for Warhammer Type games, along with paint sets and other goods needed to complete their campaigns. Accessories is definitely their strongest  point at YS. Card boxes, protectors, life counters . . . all are very competitively priced  if not the best deal compared to the other hobby shops.

Moving on to Magic cards, you can see that they carry a VERY LARGE variety of booster packs, each with varying prices. The prices of their current “standard” playable expansions are in line with the rest of the hobby shops around the downtown area. They are however lacking in a selection of single cards. They carry more singles than Card Brunch or Phase does, but Big Magic and Amenity Dream destroys them with quantity. And of course, Mishimaya in Ozone beats them overall in selection and price. Another area that Yellow Submarine lacks in are Magic related events. Aside from Pre-releases, Launch Parties, and Magic Game Days, you will not find a lot of people playing Friday Night Magic here. Yellow Submarine has a somewhat small playing area which is usually booked during the weekends and evenings for other games such as Lycee, Vanguard, and Yugi-oh. YS is a good comparison store to use when buying things such as old booster packs and single cards, and maybe even selling singles, but otherwise it isn’t the epicenter of Magic in Nagoya.


UPDATE – THIS STORE HAS MOVED TO OSU! FIND THE DIRECTIONS IN THIS LINK. https://thejapanhobbyist.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/new-hobby-store-opening-and-the-mutating-metagame/

UPDATE: Selling Cards at Yellow Submarine

If you want to sell cards at Yellow Submarine, here’s some information. YS isn’t incredibly popular with Magic players, but they still sell quite a bit of singles. There is no BUY list at their stores, but if you bring in your rares they will take a look at them and make you an offer on them or tell you if they don’t need it. Some of the Yellow Submarine stores have less stock than others, so chances are you might be able to get a good price for your cards or unload quite a bit of them if they don’t currently have them for sale in the singles case. They take both current Standard play cards, as well as older cards. So bring in your selection and see what they’ll buy! With any store you sell to, be sure to bring an ID. This can be a foreigner card, a Driver’s License, and even your passport. Even if you’re just visiting the area on vacation from overseas, it wouldn’t hurt to see if you can make some extra cash. You might make a nice profit with the Japanese yen being so strong right now!

Don’t know Japanese? Say this “Card oh ooritai (I want to sell cards). “Card oh Miite kudasai!” (please look at my cards). Good luck selling!