MTG Grand Prix news

Next week, from Friday February 17-19th is Magic the Gathering’s Grand Prix Kobe. Early registration starts on Friday from 4-6pm I believe, and Saturday registration is from 8-9 am in the morning at the convention center. The cost is around 4000 yen for the first day I believe, and consists of a sealed deck tournament with 3 packs of Innistrad and 3 packs of Dark Ascension. The games will start at 9:30 and continue on until the evening. Anybody with a X-2 record or better will continue on to the next day of the tournament. The 2nd day is a booster draft of Dark Ascension, with 3 packs to build your deck from. More information can be found on Wizards of the Coast’s website. There will also be many public games on the side of the main tournament in case you don’t feel like you are up for taking on some of the best players in the Kansai and southern areas of Japan.


There was also a big announcement today from the head Judge of the Nagoya area about the next Grand Prix. Nagoya will be hosting the next GP in December! Dates and times haven’t been decided yet, but I’m already excited that my city will be hosting the event. I’m hoping that anybody thinking of coming to the event will get in contact with me so I can help them find accommodations and also give them information about the area. Leading up to the event, I will fill up this website with content not only about Magic but also about things to see, how to get around, and other various useful information. I’ll be sure to post more information as I learn more about it.