Avacyn Restored thoughts

Some of you might have already seen it, but the teaser for Avacyn Restored was released today.

Wow, Avacyn has really sneaked up on me. Just about one month to go until the pre-release, and they could start showing spoilers as soon as next weekend. If you’ve been following the information about it online so far, you no doubt saw the new Ultra-Pro playmats with the pictures of the new angels on them, as well as Griselbane. These characters all show up in the teaser. But doing a quick break down of the trailer, how do you think these images and ideas will translate into cards for the set?

People have started to debate whether Avacyn will be a Planeswalker or a Legendary creature. I think she’ll be a Legend because Sorin created her, so it would be weird of a Planeswalker to create another. However, it does seem possible that Griselbrand could be one since he’s Liliana’s master. Anyways, we’ll see. Lets take a look at the trailer, and please post any comments you have about it.


We see Liliana with a bunch of zombies and skeletons. Probably not a 2nd version of her as a planeswalker, but more likely an enchantment card or spell affecting those types of dark creatures will be made.


Angel flying above the troops . . . maybe an Angel Captain or some instant effect to boost humans?


Liliana destroys the angels. Maybe an instant or sorcery that destroys target Angel or Human only?

SCENE 4 and 5:

We’ve seen these people in Dark Ascension. One is the 2/2 Lifelink guy that puts a spirit into play when he dies, and the other is Thalia.


Helavault getting destroyed . . . maybe a spell or enchantment. I could see this being like a Righteous War card (from Visions) where all Black/White creatures get +1/+1, and can’t block each other.


Griselbrand. Legend or Planeswalker. He’s going to be bad ass. He’s going to be a captain of sorts, giving bonuses to all of the dark creatures like Zombies, Vampires, etc. If he’s a legend, I could see him being an 7/8 or or something close, with pro-white.


Avacyn. Like I said, maybe a planeswalker, but more likely a Legend. 5/7 Angel, maybe a captain effect like “all Angels cost 2 less to play and have Vigilance” or something like that.


Angels flying around a monument . . . probably an Enchantment. Maybe something like Honor of the Pure (white creatures get +1/+1)? Will probably protect your white creatures somehow and make them stronger against the zombies and all that.

SCENE 10: 

Angel flying with a bright sword. Could be a new Angel, or could be an Angelic sword. My friend was saying it would be awesome to get an equipment that would give a creature first strike, and maybe it it was an Angel or Human it was equipped to, it would also remove damaged Zombie, Werewolf, Vampire, Spirit from the game. I’m hoping for the later.

SCENE 11: 

Angel with two swords. Double strike 4/3 Angel perhaps? Maybe Red and White (you don’t see any red angels)?


Guy praying to a statue of Avacyn and getting wings. White enchantment. Maybe a reprint of Divine Transformation (+3/+3) but with flying added in? I think there was something like Serra’s Blessing before as well which gave a creature +2/+2 and flying.


Monk with a glowing cathar . . . maybe a red sorcery or instant that does 3 damage to all ‘dark’ creatures. Kinda like a Whipflare for zombies. Call it “Purify by Fire” or something.


Guy holding a glowing staff. Looks like he’s in that mad scientist’s room too . . . either equipment or a spell that destroys/hinders dark creatures. Maybe white or green? This one is hard to guess.


An angel controlling werewolves. Hmm. Control is usually reserved for blue, so it could be a blue angel (I think Angels are going to be a big tribe in this set, so it’s not impossible). Could also be a white card that lets you take control of beasts/werewolves until the end of turn (red has a lot of these type of “gain control of creature until end of turn” cards. Maybe same thing but for white?)


Avacyn over a town of people. Most likely a spell/instant that boosts up your humans or creatures. Probably white. Could also be her Legendary card if the other one from before was a spell of sorts.

Well, that’s my opinion on the new set. Can’t wait to start seeing the previews(EDIT: Just found out they will start the previews April 9th). Please post your opinions after watching the movie. I’d like to hear your ideas too.  Thanks for reading.

EDIT (4/6): WHAT WE KNOW – There will be 244 cards in the new set. Some of the cards have already been announced. We can assume that the basic lands will be 20 of these cards (5 types with 4 different artworks. Here are some of the other cards that have been announced or are rumored to be in the next set. Also Nurgleprobe broke the news on the intro decks and booster packs the other day on his blog (http://nurgleprobe.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/avacyn-restored-intro-packs-boosters-fatpacks-event-decks-all-here/)

  • Moonsilver Spear (promo card to be given at pre-release – could this be the same spear seen in Skillful Lunge??? Will it give +2/+0 and first strike?)
  • Silverblade Paladin (buy a box promo)
  • Dack Faydeen (in the MTG comic book, supposed to tie in with the Innistrad universe. Colors are believed to be Red and Blue
  • Electrolyze (if Dack is the new planeswalker. This was one of the comic promos)
  • Treasure Hunt (if Dack is the new planeswalker. This was one of the comic promos)
  • Feast of Blood (if Dack is the new planeswalker. This was one of the comic promos)
  • Avacyn (8/8 Legendary, Flying, Vigilance,  gives all permanents indestructible)
  • Griselbrand (most likely a Legendary)
  • Lone Revenant (Blue creature)
  • Wolfir Silverheart (Green creature)
  • Herald of War (White creature – Angel captain?)
  • Harvester of Souls (Black creature)
  • Zealous Conscripts (red creature)

This is all I can speculate on at the moment, but gives us a good start of 33/244 cards. Of course we know the artwork for a lot these other cards, but we don’t know what card they are yet. If you find any more info, be sure to pass it along!