Upcoming features and articles on TheJapanHobbyist and updates

I have a few articles planned for April and some news that might be useful to some of my readers. I’ve heard from a few people who are interested in selling some of their Magic cards in Japan, and in order to better help them out, I will be UPDATING all of my old hobby store/Magic store posts over the next few weeks with more in depth information about what types of cards each store is buying, where sale lists are located, who speaks English, etc. If you are interested in this information, please be sure to check the past posts about each store and look for an UPDATE tag within the text. I also have plans to post some information about more eco products, the Chunichi Dragons and baseball in Nagoya, Sumo wrestling this summer, and also some shopping information about the Sakae area.

As for the MTG fans, I have found another card shop that has standard matches every Wednesday and will profile this store in the near future. I will also be posting some breakdowns of the Avacyn set as spoilers are released, and keeping a Metagame Diary to follow the current trends of Magic in Japan. Japan decks and western decks tend to be different, and the meta games are usually out of sync with only a little overlap. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some new ideas for combos or decks you never thought of before. We’ll see what develops!