June Update: Magic World Cup Qualifiers this weekend!

I really want to apologize for not posting anything since the 19th. I worked 11 days straight (with 6 of those days being 13 hour days) and barely had time to sleep, let alone play Magic or keep up on M13 spoilers. But now that my crazy schedule is back to normal, my posting should increase as well.

M13 cards:

First off, since the entire M13 set will be spoiled on Monday, I’m going to hold off my comments about any of the cards. Most likely I will do the same thing I did with Avacyn Restored and post articles relating to the best commons and uncommons of the set (since those are the cards you will most likely be able to pull from boosters). The rares and mythic rares will probably be saved for a post Pre-release post with my opinion as to what cards will be big in the meta game here in Japan.

Magic World Cup Qualifiers Nagoya (June 30th):

I also wanted to remind people that the Magic World Cup Qualifiers to choose who will be representing Japan in the World Championships are going on this weekend in Nagoya! If you can make it to Nagoya, you should DEFINITELY stop by. There will probably be hundreds of players there to take part in the qualifiers and side events. It’s a great chance to see what the standard meta game in a much larger area looks like. Is Nagoya the rule? Or the exception? I’m getting excited!

I’d like to give better directions to the place as well. The directions I gave before were a little off. While it’s close to Chikusa station, the closest station is actually Fukiage subway station on the Sakura-dori line. If you are coming from Nagoya station, you should be able to take the Sakura Dori Line (red line) directly from the station. From there I’m hoping there will be signs to the event, but just in case you can also ask where Fukiage Hall is. I believe that exit #5 is going to be the closest exit to the hall where the event is taking place.

Registration starts from 8:30 am, and 8 rounds of games will happen throughout the day. After those 8 rounds, the top 8 will then go to single Elimination before the winner is crowned for the Event. I’ll be walking around and tweeting all day (@yoschwenky) if you’re interested in hearing what I have to say about the event, but  there is NO way I can make it through this entire event just doing that! There is going to be a lot of time to kill, so if you show up bring a deck! I’ll have a few with me to kill the time when I want to rest.

I’ll probably show up around the first or second rounds at 10:30 am or so once registration has been completed and the rules have been explained to the players.


The Metagame in Nagoya:

It’s been a while since I’ve done a meta game break down, and I probably won’t post anything about it until next Friday before the pre-release to see what kind of decks are gaining popularity going into the new set release.


Recruiting Writers!:

Do you live in another city in Japan? Do you play Magic? Would you like to be featured in my weekly meta game articles? Do you play Standard, Legacy, or Modern? If so, I would love to have you as part of The Japan Hobbyist team. While writing about standard is all I know, I have met quite a few people through this site that are big fans of Modern and Legacy in Japan. If you’d like to write an article about any of those formats, I’d LOVE to have your contributions every month or every other week! Just leave me your email and we’ll get in touch (I’ll be sure to delete your comment as soon as possible and keep the post PENDING to keep spammers from getting your email and other people from seeing it!)


And THAT, my friends, is the end of June here at the Japan Hobbyist. I’ll see you again in July on Monday! Good luck with your tournaments this weekend!