In the Embers of Rakdos . . .

If you follow my twitter, then you’ve probably seen the link to my latest article, but if you haven’t feel free to check it out using this link.

The article talks about the Human Reanimator deck used by Yuuji Okita at Grand Prix Nagoya, as well as Tomoyuki Suzuki’s BR midrange deck that went 9-0 on the first day. I’ll be posting more about my experiences at the GP this weekend, but if you want to know more about those two decks, as well as where I see the metagame in Japan going in the next few weeks, check it out. 

I’d also like to use this post to start some discussion about my TJH (The Japan Hobbyist) Podcast that I’ll be working on next week. If you can spare a few minutes, I’d like some feed back from all of you on which topics you’d like to see covered. I have a few ideas already and will using them for the first few Podcasts, but I’d like to switch it up and throw in some other topics as well. Hopefully the first one will be out by next weekend just in time for the holidays! I hope to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading!