On this page, you’ll be able to follow all Frontier news on metagames, new decks, and popular cards in the format as I see it from Japan. Click on one of the links below to read more. You can see descriptions of the article next to each link.

  1. Welcome to the Wild West – My first article is a short introduction to the format with links to some of the first winning decks in the format. You can see a list for my GR Eldrazi Ramp deck here.
  2. Power Rankings: Planeswalkers – In my second article, I started doing evaluations of cards in the format. My first one covered Planeswalkers, and I also shared an early version of my BW tokens deck.
  3. Power Rankings: Creatures – Continuing with my evaluations, I moved onto creatures in the Frontier format. There are quite a few effective creatures in the format.
  4. Power Rankings: Artifacts and Enchantments – I talk about not only rare and mythics, but also uncommon artifacts and enchantments in this article. I also share links to the Frontier page for Big Magic where you can see recent decks that went 3-0. (the BW Tokens deck is mine!)
  5. Power Rankings: Instants and Sorceries – You can find updates to my BW token list here, but more importantly you can also see my picks for spells in the format. The list is quite big, but skips over the uncommons and commons.
  6. Power Rankings: Lands – I discuss which lands are the best in the format in this artcle, and also share a See the Unwritten deck list which I had been enjoying playing.
  7. Power Rankings: Uncommons and Commons My final power rankings article goes over all of the remaining cards I skipped over before from all card types.
  8. The Impact of Aether RevoltIn this article I cover what cards I think will make an impact on Frontier from the Aether Revolt expansion.
  9. The Impact of Amonkhet – I continue my series as before, this time talking about which cards from Amonkhet will lend their strength to the Frontier format.
  10. The Impact of Hour of Devastation – There weren’t too many cards that I thought would make an impact from HOU, but there were quite a few additions that got me thinking about different decks I hadn’t thought about playing before.
  11. The Impact of Ixalan – Ixalan brings a few changes to the format, and I also talk about the 10th Frontier Challenge at Hareruya and the new Untap Frontier League.
  12. Gaining Steam – Talk of the Frontier Untap League, how to use the Untap software to play MTG simulations for free, as well as new and updated deck lists from my collection of Frontier decks.
  13. Testing Boundaries: M15 – This new series of articles explores how the Frontier format would change if it began after various expansions instead of its current set up. The first article goes into what Frontier would look like without M15.
  14. Trials and TribulationsI talk about the December metagame, recent God of Frontier trials and the updates to the Untap software that can be used to play Frontier for free.
  15. Testing Boundaries: Khans of TarkirMy second thought piece on what Frontier would look like if the format started from another point. In this article, I talk about a Frontier without Khans of Tarkir, as well as what it would look like if only the fetches were banned.
  16. Land(Falling) in LoveI talk about my season 3 results of the Untap league where I made the top 8, and I also share a new decklist I’ve been working on for season 4 of the league.
  17. The Impact of Rivals of IxalanI go over what I expect Rivals of Ixalan to bring to the format, the shifting power levels due to the new cards, and where I see the format going in the future.
  18. Testing Boundaries: Fate Reforged and Dragons of TarkirMy final thought piece on what Frontier would look like if it started from a later set than M15. This article finishes up the Khans block and gives you a look into a much less interesting Frontier format.
  19. The Impact of Dominaria – I go over how Dominaria shifted the power levels of Frontier and what new strategies it brought to the format. 
  20. The Impact of M19Another evaluation article, this time about what I expect M19 to do to the Frontier format.